One more good thing about the Bubble map

I forgot to write about one more good thing about the Bubble Map.

The good thing about this method is that you can “slice off” the bubble when you are partially done with the task.

A big bubble might take some time to complete, but if you slice off the bubble a bit by bit while working on it, you can take some stress off your shoulder as you do it.


Please note that how much you slice off is based on your stress (= mind-share) of the task, not based on the numbers of sub-tasks left.

Remember that a bubble represents the mind-share of your stress, not amount of the work you have to do (a bubble of lots of work with little stress is smaller than a bubble of one phone call with a lot of stress).

apparently, this is not possible with the traditional list type To Do list.

Please give it a try. Trust me, it feels really great looking at a big bubble getting smaller and smaller 🙂



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